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A Legacy of Excellence in Roofing and Beyond

With an impressive career spanning over 28 years in the roofing and related trades, our owner stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication in the industry. A Florida Certified Roofing Contractor, Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, and Licensed Florida Home Inspector, his credentials speak volumes of his multifaceted skills and deep knowledge.

Rooted in Tradition, Forged in Expertise

His journey in the roofing trade is not just a career choice but a legacy passed down from his father. Growing up, he learned the intricacies of the trade working alongside his father in the Roofers Union, where the values of hard work, precision, and integrity were instilled in him from a young age. This foundational experience set the stage for a career marked by excellence and a profound understanding of the roofing industry.

A Career Defined by Growth and Impact

His career trajectory took a significant leap when he joined one of the largest storm restoration companies in the United States. Here, he honed his skills in large-scale project management and deepened his expertise in storm damage restoration, further cementing his reputation as a leader in the field.

A Life Rooted in Community and Passion

Originally from East Tennessee, he carries with him the values and resilience of his roots. He attended Pellissippi State College, further broadening his academic and professional horizon. Beyond his professional life, he is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, disciplines that reflect his dedication to continuous self-improvement and mental resilience.

A Personal Touch in Professional Excellence

Our owner's life is beautifully balanced with the companionship of his dog, Atlas, a loyal and spirited friend who embodies the joy and dedication he brings to all aspects of his life.

More Than Just a Roofing Expert

At the core, our owner is a man of diverse interests and profound capabilities. His journey from learning the trade from his father, through his vast professional experience, to his personal passions, paints the picture of a leader who is not just an expert in his field but a well-rounded individual who brings warmth, depth, and reliability to everything he does.

With him at the helm, our clients can be assured of a service that is not just technically excellent but also grounded in a tradition of trust, quality, and genuine care.

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